June 12, 2019

Best Age For Newborn Photography

In newborn photography, the age of the baby matters a lot. It determines how the session runs and its success too. All babies are different, butt hat doesn’t mean one baby is easier to pose as compared to the other one. Age is one of the most important things you have to consider before booking a newborn photography session.

Professional photographers advise that you make your booking in advance as far as the second trimester to avoid inconveniences after you give birth. The newborn photographer also recommends that the session be between seven and ten days after birth. Latest two weeks but why? During this time, the baby is pretty chilled, sleepy and curled up. It’s the best time to capture those amazing shots with some mimicking the movement and posture of the baby in the womb.

The most important thing here is that the baby at this age can sleep through almost everything including the noisy camera shutter, chair pulling, and sorts. The photographer will have an easy time and so will you.

At this age, it’s rare to capture the baby’s smile, but if you are lucky, you might get the chance to capture one or two smiles from the newborn. Some of the best shots at this age are the sleeping shots, baby feeding photos (if you want), snuggles with parents and close up shots of the baby’s lips, eyebrows, and feet. No shot at this time comes out wrong.

In the two weeks, studio newborn photography is best as it involves posed shots of the baby. At this age, it’s easy to move the baby, and the baby is still flexible enough for almost all shots. For example, curled up shots of the baby in a basket, hammock or even posed like a frog require flexibility and at more than 12 days, the baby’s bones are no longer malleable and can’t be fused together easily.

Age makes a pretty huge difference in newborn photography. It’s different if your baby is three days, three weeks or 3 months old. The shots are entirely different at these different ages. For example, it might be pretty hard to get a perfect smile from a newborn who is three days old as compared to the three months old child. On the other hand, the 3-month old can’t be curled up and snuggled as comfortably as the 3 days old. If you want wide awake shots, the best time is 3 months, and you won’t struggle. At this age, you also capture the character or personality of the baby more deeply as compared to when the baby was 3 weeks old.

Age is not just a number in newborn photography. It determines a lot of things such as how long the session takes if the session is successful or not and the best shots are also different at different ages. The two weeks’ rule for newborn photography applies for the best shots and moments too. 

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