June 12, 2019

Questions to ask when hiring someone to photograph your newborn

Photographing newborns often comes with exciting surprises. To cuddle, pose or capture a newborn can be the most exciting part of a photographer’s job. It can be an incredible experience. A nervous parent can cause a problem during the session. A professional photographer can help his clients feel relaxed and reassured. The photographer can allow the parent time to relax and be prepared for the photo shoot. For example, a good photographer can give parents a task to relieve their stress. So, the parent must let the photographer perform his job. The parent’s ideas can be discussed, and the photographer will decide if the ideas are workable. Learn how to choose the right photographer. 

Things to consider while hiring a photographer for a photo shoot of your newborn

Bringing your newborn baby home is one of the most precious moments in life. Everyone wants to capture those beautiful moments to save the memory. When you are bringing your baby home, you may have a mixture of emotions such as elation, love, and excitement, etc. Being a mother, you can attest that any childhood photo can bring a big smile, but the photo session of your newborn is going to be the dearest and nearest to your heart. That stage in the life of your baby is always very special for a parent bringing the best feelings of love and magic.

During pregnancy, a mother envisions the facial features of her baby and may imagine the moment when she is going to hold her baby in her arms. A mother counts the days and enjoys those feelings, which can bring her to a new world. A newborn baby is the personification of the dreams and hopes of parents.

Why is it a good idea to hire a professional for a newborn photography session?

So, if you want to capture these beautiful moments, there are a lot of things to consider. Babies can face safety issues during a session if you hire an unprofessional photographer. Unprofessional photographers may not be able to handle your baby correctly. It is always best to hire a well reputed, experienced, trained and professional photographer to enjoy the best photography session while capturing the best moments for a lifetime.

Questions that you can ask a professional newborn photographer

So, keep this in mind when you are going to hire someone to capture the precious moments and beautiful poses of your newborn baby: By asking the following things you can determine the person’s level of professionalism and skills. A professional photographer will never hesitate to answer your questions and will happily allow you to ask anything that can remove your doubts.

A true professional will allow his clients time to let them feel relaxed and comfortable. Never be afraid of asking questions of the person you are going to hire for a session with your child. A questioning session with the photographer can be the best way to know whether the selected person is comfortable while working with newborn babies. Also is he or she easy to approach later. Is this someone that can take care of your child during his or her stay in the studio for three to four hours. Knowing about these things can help you stay satisfied during the photo session.

You may have your own list of questions for the photographer. But it will be best to add the following questions:

  1. Are you specialized at photographing newborns?
  2. What packages do you offer?
  3. What instructions or precautions do you suggest?
  4. Which style you are best prepared for? Lifestyle or posed?
  5. What are you going to do to keep the baby safe and comfortable for a long period of time?
  6. How long will you need to produce the final details of the captured image?
  7. Do you provide props and outfits?
  8. Are parents allowed to visit the place where you will conduct the session?
  9. How much experience do you have?

Are you specialized in the newborn photography field?

This can be the first thing to ask. If you get a positive answer, then you can continue your questioning session. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

If you have a newborn photographer who is specialized in posed photography, then it means that your selected artist has invested a lot of time, money and effort to get the experience in a specific field. They can be considered the best in their specialized niche and can serve you best. The best photographers are constantly improving their skills. This person wants to give incredible results when it comes to final images. You can get the best photographs of your newborn that you can keep forever.

It is important to hire someone who knows how to keep your newborn baby safe. A specialized person can always keep you comfortable by giving you surety that they take their job seriously. They know how to fulfill their commitments to their clients. It is OK to be the type of photographer who can capture a different genre, but it is best to compare services. Because a photographer is working on different projects does not mean that he is highly professional. But a person with the ability to make your event a lifetime memory is professional and knows how to give the best results. So, it is always better to hire a person who has a grasp of the type of content he is photographing. Most people want to hire someone who performs with complete interest and attention and is able to reward customers.

What packages do you offer clients?

Most studios offer packages for each type of session. This means that you pay once for various services in each type of photography such as time, retouching of pictures, accessories, full-time access to different props during the session.

What precautions do you suggest to the parents of a newborn?

Ask about the photographer’s instructions for the parents. When the photographer has decided the time and duration of the photography session, the photographer will give parents a list of instructions which must be followed to have the best session. These instructions include preparations that parents have to follow before the session. These instructions can help the client set their level of expectations and tone for the session. It is good to ask your newborn photographer about instructions if they don’t mention it. This will save time during the session when it comes to soothing your baby.

Do you provide lifestyle or posed sessions?

In lifestyle photography, you can take pictures of a newborn with his parents or siblings. Lifestyle photography is a casual approach to newborn photography. This type may include poses, but it would be preferred to capture natural images. This newborn photography session can be completed when the baby is older than six weeks and can last for 1 to 2 hours. Learn more about the best age to book a session.

The posed session can be done within the first two weeks after the birth of a baby. During this period of time the baby can be very sleepy and can be molded easily according to the required pose. The main focus in this type of newborn photography is a perfect posed look with different blankets, hats, ribbons, wraps, etc. This session can last for 2 to 3 hours. Editing may require additional time to give the best results according to your requirements.

Ask the professional photographer about the type of photography he provides, and tell the photographer about your priorities.

What are you going to do to keep the baby safe and comfortable for a long period of time?

Safety of a newborn baby is the most important thing. Ask your photographer about the safety measures that will be applied for the time the newborn is in his studio. You need someone that has the ability to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

How long will you need to complete the captured image with final details?

Each type of photography has their own time duration, and you have to be OK with that. The time required to deliver the final results mostly depends on your requirements. I believe a photographer needs three weeks maximum to deliver the newborn photographs. If you want to get the photos in time for a birth announcement party, ask your photographer in advance.

Do you have props and wardrobe option?

You need to select the props or wardrobe for the photography session. Ask the photographer about the wardrobe options. The photographer must have an adequate variety of props and wardrobe in several sizes.

Are parents allowed to visit the session location?

To avoid distractions, some photographers do not allow parents or siblings to be a part of the session. But if you want to be a part of photographing the newborn, then it is better for you to clear this up front with your photographer. If being present is important to you, it is best to hire someone who specializes in family portraits.

How much experience do you have?

You can ask him or her to show you samples of previous projects. Or you can ask him about the reviews of people who have used his services. These things can help you to know about the durability and quality of the work. You can ask to attend a sample session for a better understanding of the work provided.

How can you find the best photographer for your newborn?

Do your research. You can visit some photographers’ studios and get answers to all of your questions. Or you can explore online platforms to learn about photographers. Often, the same providers of maternity photography will also do newborn sessions. 

You can find websites of photographers as well as social media account profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to get an idea about the quality of any photographer. You can find a location or complete address of any photographer and visit their studio to know more about their newborn photography themes and environments. One more thing that you can get from these online platforms is reviews by people who have used the services of these photographers. These reviews can help determine things such as skills, professional behavior, and themes.

You can also consult with your family members or friends. There is a good possibility that they know of a professional photographer. It is always best to use the services of someone who is known to provide outstanding work.


There are other things that parents need to focus on while having a photography session for their newborn child, but the questions mentioned above are necessary to secure the best services. When scheduling a photography session for your newborn, your first priority should be the safety of your child. 

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