June 12, 2019

How to choose the right newborn photographer

You might be pregnant, or you had a baby, and you need a newborn photographer to take the adorable photos of the baby. Hiring a professional photographer to capture the beautiful creature is your best option but how do you know the best photographer for you and what questions should you ask. Most parents especially the first time parents often have a hard time choosing the best photographer. You might not have an idea or know where to start when choosing a photographer, but we have you sorted:

Research local photographers

It’s easy for a parent to think that all newborn photographers are equal but they are not. The newborn photography industry in Toronto is unregulated. This means that no specific qualifications are required before offering their services. Even an amateur photographer with little or no experience of handling babies can set up and market himself as a photographer. Spend time and research on different photographers and ask for their previous work and referees if possible.

Get a professional newborn photographer

Ask the photographer if they are professionally trained in the field and experienced as well. Don’t be afraid of asking the photographer the kind of training they have undergone. There are no specific qualifications in newborn photography, but the photographer should be safety trained. Don’t take anyone who owns a camera and bring them to your home for a session. If the person doesn’t do photography professionally, they are not worth it.

Choose a location for the photoshoot

Do you want the session to take place at home or in the studio? As the parent, you are the one to decide the location of the photoshoot. After all, you get what you pay for. Where do you think the baby and you as a parent will be more comfortable? In-home sessions are a bit expensive as compared to studio sessions.

Take a look at some of their previous works

Ask the photographer questions about how they are going to achieve difficult poses, how they come up with some photos without putting the baby in danger. Ask for some of their previous works and see if you like it and the poses.

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