June 12, 2019

Tips for newborn photography

As a newborn photographer, having the skills needed to get the perfect shots automatically markets your business. You need to be trained as you need to know how to soothe the baby and pose it without any risks gently. Here are some of the tips that will positively affect your newborn photography in Toronto. Also see tips for parents.

Be confident in what you do

This doesn’t only come with experience; study poses, watch videos and take classes or mentorship. Watch how a photographer works with a baby and study how the baby is handled, posed and soothed. This opens your eyes to things you don’t know exist. Get a mentor and watch them work. Hands on experience is fantastic but studying what others do gives you more insight.

Communicate with your clients about the session

Be sure to give your clients as much information about the session as possible. It might seem obvious, but it's not. Your goals for the session and theirs are the same, but you have to let them know what it takes to achieve that goal.

Personally send them details about how long a session might take, the age range for the newborn, environment temperature, where the session will take place and any other relevant information. Have a solid contract in place too and let the parents know you are going to handle the baby during the whole session. Let them be prepared as much as possible for it to avoid panicking.

The blankets and beanbag used matter

Remember you are going to handle the baby and pose it. The beanbag you use as well as the blankets matter a lot. Posing is much more comfortable with extra bean bags and soft blankets. Get a bigger beanbag and a large surface area to work on. Fluffy and soft blankets with your colour taste also work well.

Layer as many blankets on top of the beanbag in the order you want to use them. This makes the transition from one blanket to the other quick and fluid. It also makes the blankets smoother.

The angle and light matters a lot too

Avoid making the mistake of facing the baby and the beanbag direct at the window. This results in flat light one dimensional pictures. The direction of light when hitting the baby is crucial. Position the baby at an angle towards the light source. It helps create smooth shadows adding critical depth to a lovely portrait.

Heating and soothing the baby

These are little details that make a significant difference in your sessions. Have a space heater going on the whole time and make sure that you are at least sweating to ensure the baby is warm enough. Warm the spot on the beanbag that the baby will be posed.

Sooth the bay while posing and a loud ‘SHHHHHHHHHH’ goes a long way. While posing the baby, hold them comfortably in the pose before letting go to ensure the baby relaxes well in the pose


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