June 12, 2019

Newborn photography for beginners

Newborn photography is terrific, but it needs a lot of care, consideration and preparation. You as the photographer are in charge of the baby, and you have to make sure nothing goes wrong. You have to take care of the baby even in the presence of the parents. The reason for this is because the parents might not know about the best shots you want and how you want the session to go. Most of the time, you will be holding the baby not even the camera. Newborn photography in Oakville requires the best skills and not so long after the baby is born. The best time is between 5-12 days when the baby sleeps a lot and can snuggle to any pose you want. Dont forgter to check out our tips for newborn photography

Newborn photo session: Getting started.

For a beginner newborn photographer Oakville, it's best if you come up with a list of the different shots you want to take before you pick the camera. Don’t grab the camera and go ahead for a session when you don’t have the best shots for a newborn. Newborns are delicate and have to be handled with care so be prepared with safe shots. After taking the safe shots, you can now start getting creative with new ideas as well as angles. 

Lighting a newborn baby shot.

Use even light just like with any other portrait pictures. Avoid using the flash at all costs as it is disruptive to the calm ambience you want to create and it also robs the image of texture and tone. You can position the baby or the cot near the window and use a white sheet or curtain to diffuse it, especially on a bright day.

Setting up the scene for the photo.

Declutter the scene of all the unnecessary items. It's rare for the parents to bring their newborn in the studio for a session. It's up to you the newborn photographer Toronto to go to their place. Having a child around, the scene might have bottles, nappies toys and other items. Remove them and instead use soft blankets for exciting colour and texture. You can also place props such as a teddy bear or toy.

Choosing the right lens for the perfect newborn photo.

Use a fast 50/85mm prime lens for the best newborn photography shots. Operate at wide apertures to help you work in darker environments and also capture stills with focus on your subject. Use a blurred backdrop to remove distractions.

As a newborn photographer, you can attach a zoom lens to differentiate the composition of your shots. This caters for the close up cute pictures of hands, feet, ears or nose and spans out wide to get contextual portraits that show the entire length of the baby. More you need to know.

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